Sunday, December 29, 2013

Green Living

My husband and I are tree hugging enthusiasts. For our first home, we wanted to contribute actively in preserving and conserving the environment by utilizing energy efficiently and by supporting environmentally-friendly products.

We researched on the internet on the models that are available in the market. Since a refrigerator would be on for 24 hours, we needed something that did not emit CFC and was energy efficient. We were almost sold on Panasonic Econavi for its inverter model, but the energy rating was only 3 stars. In the end we got the Sharp Plasma Cluster model with non-CFC and 5 star energy rating.

Washing machine:
We did background research on several models,  between a top-loader and a front-loader. Once we decided, we turned our attention to how the machine uses energy. We were sold on the Samsung Eco-Bubble model. This machine creates bubbles to wash the clothes faster and using less water. For a better illustration, have a look at this video:

Initially, I was against air-conditioning as most models use CFC gases. However, with new technology, eco-friendly ACs are currently run on non-CFC gases just like the refrigerator. I was intrigued with the Panasonic Econavi model because not only does it not use CFC gases, but it acts as an air filter and purifier to filter the dust in the air. This comes in handy when your areas are affected by national crises like haze, or say your neighbor is doing renovations. In addition, it has an inverter which can detect the number of individuals and activities in the room. If there are many people, the AC will decrease the temperature. Similarly if the activity increases the temperature in the room, the AC will decrease the AC temperature to cool the room. I found that quite fascinating. The model is also energy efficient.

I have not bought an AC yet. I am planning to make room for it- if I do it will be for my bedroom only.

We wanted to get a mattress that would support our back and sleeping patterns, and at the same time made in an eco-friendly way. We managed to get just that:

Energy saving bulbs:
Our house is stocked with energy saving light bulbs. 

Every room in our house has fans. I just love the feeling of wind blowing in my face!

Our house has so many windows! The upside to this is we get a lot of natural light and reduces our dependence on artificial lighting.

Electric sockets:
We make sure we switch off our electrical switches, plugs and chords when not in use.

We try to conserve water for active washing and not let the tap run unnecessarily.

Water Heater:
We were planning on installing a water heater, but realized like most machines, it will expire in 10 years. Furthermore, Malaysia only has summer all year-long, so we really don't need a water heater to bathe unlike in countries that have fall, winter and spring. 

Bath Tub:
We decided against the bath tub and opted for the shower as we don't accumulate unnecessary water for bathing.

Car-pooling and public transportation:
We currently carpool together to work. If I work late, I take the train and he picks me up at the nearest station. We try. It's not easy in Kuala Lumpur, but we try.

Home-cooked meals:
We've been trying to get home earlier to cook at home instead of buying food. It's definitely a challenge working in the city, but do-able with discipline.

Drinking water:
I've changed my diet for the last 5 years to drink water for meals and to rejuvenate. I only drink flavored or juices during special occasions. Husband is starting to as well.

To wear existing clothes instead of buying brand new clothes.

Planting our own vegetable garden:
Once we move in, my dream is to start planting vegetables, onions, chillies and spices in my backyard.

My husband has yet to know this but I was also thinking of raring chicken! 

Will update you on how the last two goes! Hahahaha

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The First Woman in Asia to Lead a Central Bank: Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz

Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz.

She is indeed an inspiration for me.

She is brilliant, humble, and does her work quietly and ultimately makes decision for the betterment of a nation and her people.

She is a role model for the younger generation to aspire to be the best at what you do be it being a baker, a designer, a writer, a waiter, an engineer, a doctor, etc.

Be useful to your family and society.

Have integrity.

May we have many more like Dr Zeti.

"She had accomplished so much by the time Wharton Magazine published its 125 Influential People and Ideas issue in 2006. Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz, G’74, GRW’78, had steered the Malaysian economy through the Asian financial crisis in 1998 soon after becoming interim governor of Malaysia’s central bank. Her steady leadership earned her the full-time governorship of Bank Negara Malaysia in 2000—making her the first female in all of Asia to become head of a central bank. Dr. Zeti then set her nation’s economy on a sustainable, more inclusive course and in the process became an economic leader across Asia and the Islamic world. Since, she has earned accolades as a top bank governor—if not the top one—and continued to be a pioneer. Malaysia weathered the global financial crisis of 2009 with minimal damage, for instance, and when Dr. Zeti raised interest rates in 2010, India and China followed. - See more at:"

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Green Wedding: An Unaisah Azlan and Corinna Chai Inspired Event

So most of you already know that I got hitched this year. It was something very unexpected for me, but what I consider as Allah's Will.

The solemnization and reception was very simple and laid back.

Our theme was Green Wedding; where we wanted to minimize wastage and using the outdoor garden concept. My bridesmaids and family members were asked to wear blue attire but only something that they own or borrowed. We didn't want them to make a dress just for my wedding.

For those of you who are interested in the people I hired to assist me in looking like a bride, here are some details:

Make-up for solemnization and reception:

Solemnization dress: Own materials

Reception dress from designer Unaisah Azlan from

Photography by: Es Studio or

Personalized shoes by: Cipela Couture at

Monday, November 11, 2013

Pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Did you know that there are pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Neither did I until the van I was in drove passed it.

There are 3 pyramids that are larger in size comparatively to the Egyptian and Mexican pyramids.

It was just discovered in 2005. How amazing!

See it for yourself!

Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Traveler's Paradise

My family made a collective trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina to spend our Eid'ul Adha with my brother in-law's family.

Although this is our second trip back as a family, it was especially meaningful as we brought back 3 new family members: my husband Syafiq, my brother in-law Shahir as well as my 8 month old niece Sumayyah.

Bosnia has so many attractions to offer:
  • 3 pyramids newly discovered in 2005
  • Scenic rivers and mountainside
  • Historical Ottoman cities
  • War memorials and destruction
  • Halal food
  • Affordable shopping even for Asians and Third World nations such as carpets, pottery, embroidery, genuine 100% leather shoes, jackets, handbags, etc.

The 4 Pyramids in Bosnia

Here is a video travelogue of our trip:


Monday, April 29, 2013

Of shortcuts and Happiness

I learned that there are no shortcuts to Happiness. Every event has its purpose. The challenges and pain are worth it because...Allah is worth it.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Sometimes when I have happy news to share I find myself staring at your phone number. Then I would just look at bottom right corner of my computer screen. For some reason your name is always there. 

My fingers would tap the table. 

I love just being able to call before. 

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.





Then yesterday I had an urge to call. Text. 

I just wanted to tell you about my day